Guiding her mind sexually.

Notice that as men when we masturbate, we need a focus that stimulates us. Usually it will be a internal visual focus (like a memory or fantasy) or an external visual focus like a naked body. In a wet dream the visual stimulus alone is sufficient to bring one to orgasm. But when we’re awake it takes physical stimulation coupled with the intense focus on the source of stimulus before we can reach our orgasm. Sex is a type of meditation. When you are sleeping and dreaming it feels real because you’re deeply focused.

The likelihood to orgasm is equivalent to the depth  of focus. But if we lose focus of the source of stimulus we won’t orgasm. It’s not really the physical stimulation that triggers it off, it simply aids the meditation process. It aids us to focus more and feel more. Sexuality is very mental, and not so physical. You may have been with a woman in the past and in your mind you were visualising someone else so that you could orgasm. Or you may have been in the dark getting a blow job but because you couldn’t see her body parts you found it hard to orgasm. 

These same principles apply with women. You are her source is stimulus, you must cause her to focus; you, as a dominate lover, must guide her mind and lead it to focus intently on the sensations in the moment you’re creating! Whether that moment you’re creating is in her mind (by telling her to visualise things) or right there in the room….you must keep her in the moment! That’s what talking does. But If you keep silent, her mind will drift, if her mind drifts, her focus will drift, if her focus isn’t there, her orgasm won’t be there! 
To give her an orgasm like a wet dream (which is solely from imagination stimulation) you need to have her deeply focused an you can get this by talking as though you’re a hypnotist; make her close her eyes and get her to relax, then begin in a soothing voice to create a dream in her imagination and just like your wet dream feels real, this dream will feel real and whatever you tell her to feel in that trance like state is what she will feel. It’s not a story, it’s having sex with her with your words.
Some men don’t care about pleasuring the woman they are with, I’ve met some very cool guys who just couldn’t care less. But eventually those guys will listen intently when I start talking about techniques that work. Why? I believe we truly want to give women incredible pleasure. So leave your doubts aside and begin to believe that you can guide your woman into an intensely orgasmic emotional state by your words. All the techniques are good but powerless if her mind is else where, so couple the physical techniques with words!

One thing which tends to steal a woman’s focus during sex is insecurity. 

Worrying about how she smells, how she looks etc. You may have noticed women trying to cover up belly fat or scars during sex. Well, it’s your duty as a dominant lover to let her know that in your eyes her apparent flaws are minuscule and she’s still very desirable. imagine if you had an insecurity about your breath and the girl says to you “I love your breath, it smells wonderful”. Guess what? Your minds going to relax. You may lose certain inhibitions and let go. This is what we want from her…we want her mind relaxed from insecurities, and we want all control barriers cast off so she can yield  completely. Therefore compliment her on how she smells down there and everywhere else. Tell her she’s sexy and intensely desirable.

Now, don’t assume that orgasms are the most important aspects of a relationship. I’ll let you know from personal experience of giving women mind blowing squirting orgasms….It is not enough to keep a woman.
I’m not the man to teach you how to keep a woman. But I was born to teach attraction! And sexual mastery is very attractive. Learn it, but know that it is comfort/affection which is the glue for a relationship, not sex. Believe me, I’ve done amazing things and still lost the relationship for reason of not being mushy enough. When a relationship breaks down is not the time to show that you can be mushy. It’s when you’re dominant and she’s submitted to you as yours, that’s when mushiness is not wussiness.
Hey before I wrap up, here’s another small thing that arouses women: Showing that you’re enjoying her…You do this by moaning, not like a sissy but moaning in a manly way, it turns them on. She derives innate pleasure from being satisfactory to her man. And so do you from being satisfactory to your woman, think about how when she is moaning it makes you even more likely to orgasm…well same for her.
Lastly, you want absolute dominance, so feel free to tell her to shut up (with sexy intent in your heart not maliciousness). Use this when she randomly starts trying to dirty talk you, this is a subtle tug at the dominance rope. You’re the narrator of the experience so tell her to shut up authoritatively and in a sexy way. Then after she yields, you can tell her things to repeat back to you like “say you’re my submissive baby”….”say you’re my obedient girl”…”call me master”…”say I’ll do anything you tell me to”…Now do these things thing me on? Of course not, it’s for her pleasure, you want her to enter a submissive emotional state and this is arousing for her and will put her in that state, so do it with the utmost confidence. Make up your own powerful things to say too and when she doesn’t repeat exactly as you tell her, simply say “No” say “…..,(repeat whatever your instruction was)”. If you were fingering her whilst instructing her on what to say, begin being that much more vigorous and she’ll for the sake of great pleasure, surrender and repeat whatever you say. She gains pleasure from your dominance, don’t be afraid to be dominant.

Take the sexual power from her.

I was chilling in the car with a female friend of mine (a black girl in her late 20s) and she was telling me about her life and troubles at the minute. Whilst cheering her up and encouraging her…the conversation went to her telling me she has a diary and had recently revisited the entries of when we first met (a few years back).

She told me of how I shocked her because of how dominant I was and how I knew her body better than she did even though we’d never been intimate before. She nicknamed me “wizard” and said “You made me orgasm 12 times or something stupid like that”. She said she had been in long term relationships and had never experienced anything close to that. “You touched me in places I didn’t know I had and I felt things I didn’t know I could feel.” She went on to say that I broadened her range of how she can orgasm, even in masturbating alone, she orgasms harder than she ever did before because of the experience.

Hearing it was cool, it brought back distant memories.
She said the thing that shocked her after all the orgasms was that we hadn’t had sexual intercourse and that I stuck to my word of saying I wouldn’t have sex with her that night, even when she was begging me to after becoming intensely aroused…I still refused her access to sex. (Not maliciously but in a fun kind of way.)
I’ve had women literally physically try to force me into sexual submission and it always ends the same way “I can’t believe it…men usually do what I say“…and then I command them to  have orgasm after orgasm orgasm on my command as many times as I please.
I don’t always command orgasms without physical stimulation. Sometimes I use stimulation of the clitoris to induce it, or stimulation of their “g spot” to induce another kind, and also afterward to induce yet another type I stimulate their “deep spot” and sometimes I mix that with simultaneous clitoral stimulation…but each technique done alongside mental stimulation by talking in a way that arouses and leads their mind in the direction I want. 
Learn to retain sexual power (this shows a woman strong masculinity that feels safe enough to surrender to). Learn your way around the female body (This knowledge gives you power). Learn to speak authoritatively yet lovingly to create intense visuals in their mind and stir up deep emotions…and just because you’re not an arse…use it as an opportunity to affirm good positive things about her…call her baby, tell her she’s beautiful, tell her she’s irresistible etc During love makings heightened state of arousal…it’ll bypass her conscious mind. She’ll receive it as truth. This is why I chose to stop using dirty degrading sex-talk. It works well, but my conscience felt it was planting harmful seeds in the mind. Speaking positively works just as fine. “You’re my naughty little girl, you’re so beautiful and obedient, come for me again, good girl”….works just as well as “you’re a slut, you like being slutty don’t you, dirty little shit” etc. I prefer nice dirty talking. During dirty talk, I could say “shut up” or “who said you could touch me” etc These communicate dominance, aggression and masculinity without being harmful seeds to her mind. It’s just my preference because I know seeds grow.

Socially intelligent masculine man attracts more girls than a caveman.

Vehicles are demonstrations of social intelligence. They don’t create sexual attraction. Mixed with masculinity they make a man MORE attractive…more so than just masculinity alone. In times past it was having a horse, in recent times its cars, bikes, jets! (The more aggressive the vehicle, the more manly and consequently more respectable the owner will come across…example Motorsport bikes versus bicycles, Ferrari versus smart cars). The socially intelligent masculine man is typified in James Bond.

Accents also demonstrate social intelligence fiercely and can create attraction in a woman because the language commonly used in a given location is that of the most dominant empire/Kingdom/tribe. In times past it would have been the Persian language, and then after the fall of the Persian empire through
Alexander the great it would have been Greek, now it’s English in the American and British accent. These accents aren’t superior in of themselves to the Indian/African English accents. But those are considered demonstrations of low value and made fun of because of the influence social dominance has on perception and value. 

The words of a beta male may be exactly the same as the words of an alpha male or even better, but the beta male could be laughed to scorn, whilst the alpha male is praised, because of social dominance. In any case, accents should be polished by the man who wants to communicate high value.

Social intelligence is dependent on currency (the current location of a person, the current trends in that location, the age group he’s dealing with) because It depends on changing factors like region, it may therefore not be clean English that demonstrates high value in a certain regional setting but rather the accent of the most aggressive sub-culture within that region… like a Jamaican English accent in West London secondary schools automatically brings respect whilst an African one automatically brings laughter. Wearing baggy pants used to be considered cool and manly in the hip-hop culture, but the new generation considers them tasteless; skinny jeans and long shirts that look like dresses are now considered tasteful. A girl in her late 20s may appreciate a mans baggy clothing but if he wanted to date a 19 year old, she might be put off by his strange taste in clothing size. In this era, in men’s clothing…the rule is the tighter the better.

Socially intelligent behaviour is synonymous with femininity. Socially irresponsible behaviour is synonymous with masculinity. Social intelligence is so important that God put it in both the man and the woman. But socially irresponsible behaviour he put in man (as he is designed to be a protector) so it does have its proper place….times of danger for instance call for aggression and not politeness. Society cannot condition men to be aggressive…it wouldn’t make sense to the structure of society because members of society need to be controllable. Ideally God intended for men to control themselves, but seeing the inability of man to control himself it’s advantageous society condition men to be less aggressive. There’s no conspiracy theory here, people are just immature in the affairs of love and require to be controlled and forced by laws to act lovingly towards their fellow men, to not rape women etc Though all these should be natural we hear stories of rape and injust acts in our communities…so clearly there’s a problem in the nature of man.

A male has both a feminine and masculine side, it’s the fathers job to cultivate both sides, and then that child goes into society strong minded but able to restrain the use of his masculine power by his socially intelligent conditioning from his home training. When there is masculine conditioning and no restraint of love or social intelligence, there is chaos and acts of wickedness…like in the time before the flood of Noah, when wicked acts were being committed socially, or like in the time of Sodom and Gomorrah.
Be a socially intelligent masculine man. 

Talk to her, not her social mask. (Social communication vs Sexual communication) 

Last summer, my mate asked me to accompany him on a meet up with these two girls, he’d met online, so I did.

We were in the park chilling and we saw them walking towards us. You know that feeling you have when you see an attractive girl walking towards you….I had that…they were both attractive, one was curvier and the other petit and beautiful, he likes petit girls, my eyes were set on the curvier of the two girls, but somehow he ended up talking to the one I wanted. The curvier one…who was half Russian half Greek, she seemed stand offish with this aura of very laid back analytical intelligent diplomatic vibe…but I knew it was a social mask. My friend however bought into the mask and was having strings of intelligent conversations about science journals with her. Whilst I was sat across the picnic sheet laid out on the floor, immediately taking selfies with her friend and playfully teasing her about everything under the sun, basically being a ball-busting jerk, within a few minutes of meeting her, we were already best buds, laying head to head on the floor taking pictures, whilst my mate was sat upright on the grass having a very intelligent and socially acceptable interaction with the curvy Russian. (A few months later, after I had, on separate occasions gone out romantically with both girls and gotten into a relationship with the curvier one, he told me that he couldn’t believe how much of a jerk I was being that day. And that he has learnt a lesson from it all.)
The curvier of the two girls I eventually dated, also said I was so “annoying” that day. Isn’t it interesting that although my friend was having an intelligent conversation with her social mask, he didn’t get anywhere. But I spoke to the person beneath her mask, whilst acknowledging the presence of the mask and making fun of it. As a matter of fact, I began to really bust on her when I noticed she was trying to “alpha-male” the group, so I began to playfully call her a big head, and instantly her reply was but I speak three languages…By so doing she was demonstrating value, and the wussy thing for me to do would have been to qualify that demonstration “oh wow, you’re amazing”…something I know she’s probably used to hearing from guys and girls. But rather I laughed and said “are you showing off, that statement has no relevance to our conversation. Haha, you’re such a geek”…”haha what a little a poser, holding your cigarette like its a photo shoot, like paparazzi are hiding in the bushes waiting to capture shots of you…haha” It wasn’t about the silly playground jokes I was making but rather the subtext was I’m not impressed by you and I see right through your social mask. My mates intelligent science journal conversation could not trigger attraction, but my silly playground teases did because I communicated that I’m a high value testosterone filled male with no interest in being accepted by her etc I alpha-maled her . She ended up being mine, I was in the position to chose between her and her friend. Spent time alone with them individually and together, all of those times me mate wasn’t there. The one who had been pleasant and courteous. The story of our lives ey? Being nice and being punished for it!

If not for time, I would tell of another story where I was in the same position (but this time it was a double date in a house) and I ended up being intimate with both girls that same night, going from room to room and they both knew, and were both jealous, and the friend I met them with (not the same guy from the story above) watched it all transpire like “is this magic?”.  It’s not. Once you dominate a group, the alpha female and her friend are yours for the picking. We all ended up sleeping on the same bed that night, and I tried to initiate a threesome with the girls but it didn’t work, this was 2006/7. (A year into my studies of social dynamics).

Being eye catching, being cool!

Estrogen is responsible for socially conforming appearance and behaviour. Testosterone is responsible for socially disruptive/unacceptable behaviour.

Women are very socially intelligent creatures. Generally speaking they present themselves better than males. They smell better, are tidier, are more courteous etc As a man you can take a few lessons on social presentation from women. However to become too socially acceptable makes one appear tamed. You want to be wild.

The beauty and the beast disney idea is a real one.

Notice that beautiful women seem to have testosterone filled men as boyfriends (muscular or rough looking, maybe some tattoos, maybe aggressive, a little loud, a bit too comfortable socially, maybe tall, a little rude or even very rude etc). Why? It’s because the level of testosterone you have will give you access to a female with a counter level of estrogen. Basically think of a girl who is an 8 in your eyes, what does she have? Curves, big breasts, smooth skin, not very tall, little or no visible facial hair apart from eyebrows, tender voice etc. Well, the hormone estrogen is responsible for all those things you find attractive and they are how her body communicates the presence of that hormone to your sexual-mind. If you want access to her, you’ll need to communicate equal or higher counter level of testosterone to her sexual-mind.

But a literal beast would be too scary for a woman to interact with. This is where you use social intelligence to govern how much testosterone you communicate before it all starts having the opposite effect of being a turn off. Your beard, your tattoos, your mannerism, they need to be confined within certain boundaries, although these boundaries are often unique to your environment, culture, generation…we can generally say that a face covered beyond recognition with tattoos is on the extreme end of communicating testosterone, or beard that reaches to the floor or even to the chest is on the extreme end, but in a few cultures both the tattoos and the beards we consider extreme is the norm. That’s why social intelligence is really dependent on being aware of what’s “in” in your particular world. It’s continually changing.

Below are some ideas. They aren’t rules but rather suggestions for the socially intelligent communication of testosterone:

1)Instead of having a bodybuilder physique, opt out for a more athletic one. (Scientific research has been done which backs this up. It’s quite interesting, google it)

2)Instead of having your face covered with tattoos, get them on your body, neck even, but above the neck region is tricky especially if it’s large art work.

3) Instead of walking around topless, wear a vest. (Again this is dependent on environment. Where it is acceptable to be naked you get little attraction effect for being naked or in a vest, unless your physique is outstanding)

4) Instead of being out right rude, be teasing (like an annoying older brother) playfully rude. Mix the playful digs at her with humour.

5) Where everyone else is in a shirt and tie, you could wear a shirt and unbutton it a bit. Maybe even flick the collar up.

You get the idea?

Also, watch suave old men. Or James Bond characters, their mannerisms communicate much social intelligence. For instance, the putting of one hand in the pocket. This communicates you’re relaxed but not too relaxed. A socially intelligent communication of testosterone.

Smell nice. But not fruity or like a flower. Wear manly shoes/boots/trainers but attempt to keep your footwear clean.

Keep up to date with the social news, movies, music etc but don’t gossip like a female or put other men down. Just know social happenings to have an interesting conversation.

Learn polite mannerisms like holding the door for her, offering to carry the shopping bags etc

Instead of walking around with a frown, or with a smile, try maintaining a straight face.

Refer to the pictures. Thanks for reading this Monday’s MHY. Feel free to ask questions in the comments.

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After Attraction Create Affection!

You get the girl by being masculine. But you keep her by being in touch with your heart (the soft feminine side in every man).

Masculinity is communicated by many different things….muscles, beard, tattoos, being rude, height, body posture, deep voice, specific haircuts, territorial behaviour, aggressive behaviour, dominant behaviour, mysterious behaviou/decorum and the list goes on.

Femininity is communicated through giving, caring, being nurturing, affectionate behaviour, affectionate words, gentle tone of voice, encouraging words, being there, being open, being vulnerable with. And the list goes on.

Masculinity and femininity are energy, one is hard energy, the other is soft energy.

You get a girl to be attracted to you by showing hard energy but you get her to fall for you by showing soft energy. It’s ok to tell her she’s beautiful. After she’s attracted to you. To tell her she’s beautiful before attraction is present, is basically saying “my genes are not worthy of being reproduced through your body, so I’m making up for the unworthiness of my genes by being feminine in hopes you’ll like me and overlook that minor unworthiness of my genes”. The female mating-mind doesn’t read niceness as a strength it reads it as a behaviour caused by the presence of estrogen. It favours testosterone and therefore causes her to feel attraction for men who signal testosterone. During sex, sperm cells don’t compete for her one egg by seeing who is the nicest friendliest sperm, no they fight, it’s a competition of aggression! Even at that microscopic level, and because all truth are parallel, what works at the tiny level will work at the bigger level of human interactions. If you look at the make up of an atom, it’s the same design of the universe. The way our genital behaves to gain sexual favour from her female genitalia is the same approach that works in a conversation to create sexual tension and consequently attraction; we harden she softens and goes mooshy, we soften she hardens and goes dry!

Is crying in front of a woman sexually attractive?

Well, when your manhood is erect, does it release water from the sides? No, it is dry, well…on a behavioural level that’s what will be sexually attractive to a woman…a guy who doesn’t cry. If you did cry, do you know what part of her you would access?

Behaviour like saying how you feel, crying, being nice, buying her stuff etc They are feminine energy communicators (estrogen communicators), when perceived by her they trigger her tender side (which has nothing to do with sexual attraction but everything to do with feelings). When a women says a guy is nice it doesn’t mean she’s attracted to him, when she says he’s annoying, it’s likely she’s attracted to him. Women have had sex with me and told me they don’t have any feelings for me. Even though they are attracted to me. Why? Well, because I didn’t communicate any feminine energy and therefore did not trigger their tender side. (Which I should have done after creating attraction. Attraction triggers their sexual side

We human beings have automated responses, so do animals.

A bird will respond to the chirping sound of her chick by gathering them under her wings, an experiment was done where a stuffed animal (made in the likeness of the prey of this particular bird) had a device inserted inside it which emitted the chirping sound of that particular birds chicks, when the mother bird heard that chirp guess what she did irrespective of the stuffed animals appearance, she tried to climb on top of it and nurture it like she would one of her chicks! Same principle is true for women, their affectionate behaviour or sexual behaviour are automated responses and therefore it’s not a choice she makes, it’s a response to a particular set of signals communicated to her by the man. That’s why they say things like “I can’t help how I feel, I just don’t love him anymore” or “I can’t help how I feel, I want him” . This apparent decision is no decision but rather a response. And its not hinged on looks or money. In any case, Tender traits displayed by you will trigger a woman’s tender side (doing it before you create attraction will get you friend zoned, doing it after attraction has been created will make her have feelings for you).

Tender traits (aka feminine traits) include smiling, being nice, being complimentary, feeding her, buying her things, affectionate gestures like kissing, hand holding, giving flowers, being open, spending time with, cuddling etc

Think of what a good mother would do, those are tender traits.

Any of these can trigger tender feelings in her. But remember, do it AFTER you’ve first demonstrated masculinity, not BEFORE!


Command Respect

The physical things in nature are illustrations of the unseen things of life.

A mans physical stature will communicate his personality (the unseen part of him). The way he holds his body, the words he uses, his voice tone, these things communicate how he thinks of himself which in-turn affects how she perceives him. Weak character has never (in my observations) been attractive to women. So why not choose to communicate that you have a strong character? FYI Vulnerability and weakness are not the same. Whining and being in charge are also two very different things. Dominance and bullying/abuse are also two different things.

Strong words and a strong tone of voice is more attractive than weak words and weak tonality. “Sorry” “please” “can I, may I, will you let me, I don’t know what I want, whatever you want is good, you choose I don’t mind” all these polite expressions are good but not in creating attraction with a woman. Your mom will say you’re a nice boy for using them, your friends will like you for being so polite but unfortunately the females mating mind doesn’t have the ability to recognise politeness as a strength, rather it sees rudeness as a strength. You can’t access the females mating-Mind by weakness, it’s an incorrect code. However this mind works at an unconscious level, independent of the woman’s logic….therefore the woman’s mating-mind could like you and the woman at the same time could dislike you and say stuff like you’re annoying. Also the woman’s conscious mind could like you and appreciate how nice you are but never feel anything for you, why? Because her mating-mind has analysed the niceness as weakness.

Erect Body-language is more sexually attractive to a woman than flaccid body language. The things that create attraction in women are not the seen things like gifts (dinners and gifts do not communicate strength to her mating mind). The right code to turn on the females mating mind is strength. The right code to turn it off is weakness. I sometimes turn it off on purpose by being very polite when I have no interest in a woman and I do the opposite when I’m interested.

The easiest way of turning on the mating-mind is by words! A man with muscles can speak and seem weak but a man with no muscles can speak and seem so strong!

Testosterone makes a man masculine

Women test men. She is testing for testosterone. Testosterone is produced in the balls. She’s testing you for balls! When tested what do most guys do? They act like they have no balls. They kiss up to her, agree with all she says, act friendly and give compliments though she hasn’t done anything to earn their friendship etc. They tuck their balls in between their legs and give away their self-respect in an attempt to earn hers. They allow her to cross boundaries of what is proper and acceptable human social behaviour, they laugh at her rudeness instead of calmly putting her in her place when she’s out of line like they would do with a sister or someone they’re familiar with. They accept second class treatment. But these men aren’t to be blamed, sometimes we just don’t know better. Non the less her sub-conscious mating-mind is inspecting us continually for masculinity and continually men display femininity and hope for victory.

Femininity never gained a man victory with a woman’s body, think about it…during intercourse a mans member can only penetrate a woman when it is hard! When soft, it’s not possible! But the harder he is, the easier it is to get into her and the more pleasure she has. This illustration of hardness being necessary to penetrate the woman is beyond sexual intercourse. A mans body language, if he intends to have power with a woman, must be rigid, straight, hard (Men takes notes from your genitals). Does your private member stay hard 24’7? Of course not, but when a special type of interaction is ON, its hardness is a prerequisite for success! Similarly a mans masculine personality should be turned ON when he wants to create attraction with a woman. A flaccid private member cannot do the job…neither can a flaccid character. Flaccid character is for friendship…it causes affection. So then the complete man must realise that he cannot stay hard with his woman all the time, but must actually be in a friendly state most of the time just as his private member is flaccid most of the time. When he hardens his character it should be either for her pleasure or protection. Many fail to harden character during love making which can begin to frustrate the woman because she desires that hard side of the man too….she doesn’t always want to be handled like a delicate flower. Others fail to soften after love making, which frustrates the woman because she desires that gentle side too. Affection is very important and very powerful. (Dirty talk is so powerful during sex but it doesn’t have to be unkind words, degradation can be swapped with affectionate words)

In my early days as a student of seduction, I would stay hard with women, never relaxing, not really being playful or nice or affectionate. I thought I needed to always be this way or she would lose attraction for me. This works if you just want sexual attraction, but what penetrates the body is not what penetrates the heart. Love wins the heart. The error is that Men often try to win the heart of a woman before ever creating sexual attraction (winning her body and mind). This ends up with them in the friend zone. To avoid this, Masculinity must first be communicated before Femininity (affection, softness, nurturing her). But flaccidity mustn’t be looked upon as weak just because it’s feminine. A man is both masculine and feminine in nature.

Command her to orgasm

Now it’s very hard to be brief about this subject, so I’ll just go ahead and hope you can follow and understand.

I wasn’t born with the regular 20 inch penis most black men are famed to have. First year of my secondary education, I lived in boarding school. There was a general shower area and I was mortified when I saw that everyone else seemed to have 3 legs! Because of that, I absolutely refused to take my boxer shorts off! I would always shower with them on or wait for everyone to leave.

Thankfully over the years I grew in size, but I am not ashamed to say that it is no anaconda! It’s as average sized as my physical stature and I wouldn’t want it any other way. But it got to me quite a bit when I was 18/19. My friends had pool sticks in between their legs. The fear of inadequacy this stirred within me led me to read up on Kama sutra and other such books, I began to tie a weighty rack of CDs from my private member and basically do weighted training by allowing to dangle and so on, I figured it was a muscle and maybe I get make it harder and stronger! The results from my training regiment coupled with the new knowledge I was acquiring from my research on sex..made so well equipped in this area I began teaching the men around me. And as I studied more and more, I came across a mind blowing technique…literally! “Mind induced orgasm”. The idea that a woman can have an orgasm without any physical stimulation….meaning she could be fully clothed and still orgasm!

All that was required was the (1) Belief that it is indeed possible (2) Courage to try (3) knowledge of how to do it…which was basically using very descriptive language, using good masculine authoritative tonality, evoking mental pictures with the two! This new realm was about leading her mind. Evoking emotion from the soul realm of thought through sound as opposed to doing it in the physical realm through touch. I was being called a magician by women. And each time I’ve done it, it’s always been magical in my eyes but of course I play it cool like its nothing, but deep down it never seizes to amaze me. The power of words!

My apparent physical shortcoming…led me into a bigger world! I jumped higher! And grasped a truth which is that size doesn’t really matter. And if you feel size is a big deal…the g-spot is only about 4inches up the front wall of a woman’s private member…even this rudimentary knowledge is enough to free your heart of fear. And allow you to perform with confidence. Anticipation in the room is a bigger weapon than your manhood, why? Because she is turned on even before contact is made with her body. Sexuality for her is entirely mental.

Sexuality for a woman is entirely psychological. Remember, I was giving g-spot orgasms from my early/mid teens with my finger/s. I know about the G-spot, and the deep-spot and the a-spot etc. All of this knowledge is a lesser knowledge in comparison to the knowledge that sexuality for a woman happens in the mind, therefore a mans use of descriptive and emotion evoking words is his key to unlocking and freeing her inner wildly sexual side and also fulfilling it. (have you ever had a wet dream? Well same principle…an orgasm was set off by thought! You orgasmed, from the mind, a dream. During a heightened state of arousal, a woman’s mind enters a dream-like consciousness)

You’re about to come. I can tell. Good! I command you to come! Good, come again for me.” Would you believe that I’ve caused a number of multiple squirting orgasms just by confidently saying that?

It’s much easier to cause an orgasm by words than by physical effort. And an orgasm is like an electric current that responds to what you say! It is truly energy in motion. You can actually tell it to pass like a wave from her head to her toe…it will obey! It’s amazing! Her body obeys you and feels what you tell it to, she can’t help it. She is in a trance like state and you put her in there, you guide her in there. Dominance is a must, because she has to be yielded to your masculine power for this to work, how can she comply to a man who has submitted himself to her? One who acts weak? Take charge. Take care of her.


Have some balls

Don’t be fooled bro! These girls will say they want a man who is nice and gentle and understanding and sweet….they’ll list a bunch of feminine traits, only thing left is for them to say they want a man in high heels!

I tell you the truth, when that man they claim they want shows up, guess who they’ll go for! Yep! The exact opposite. A masculine man, one who can put them in their place, one who almost acts like a caveman.


Think about it this way…We want estrogen from women. Their bodies communicate the presence of it through curves, smoothness of skin, high pitched voices etc But females want testosterone, our body communicates its presence through height, muscles, beards, deep voices, aggression etc How attractive do you find beards, muscles and aggression in women? Probably not very attractive.

When you think eye candy…you might think you smiling in a picture and looking non threatening is what eye candy is, oh no! Put away those silly cute expressions and scrunch up your face. For women, eye candy is looking like a sexual threat. Eye candy is the presence of testosterone, even if it’s just stumbled on your face.

You know how women moan about getting rid of their body fat and having a six pack? But we couldn’t care less, well, same thing, she doesn’t care how smooth your skin is or how polite you are. These things are nice but they don’t increase your protector value in her unconscious mind so therefore they don’t make you any more attractive than a moustache and an aggressive attitude makes her. As her bestie, yes of course she wants you to be like a female, but as her man, believe me when I say, her attraction is a car and your testosterone is the fuel, once you run out or run low on testosterone, her attraction for you decrease and eventually will stop! It’s out of her control.

Women test men! I tell my clients a test is for test-tosterone! Being a yes man, having no boundaries, being a submissive doormat etc Will not work in your favour. I know you’re a cool guy, respectful and caring, but bro…her attraction for you doesn’t run on respectful and caring just like cars don’t run on water, even though water is great!

Some guys are full of testosterone and become abusive etc This info isn’t for those types, MHY is for the nice guy, who needs to communicate that he does know how to be a bad boy. 😊👍

When testosterone is balanced with a bit of social intelligence and affection, she’ll not only feel attraction for you, but  romantic love too.